Author and responsible for this site Kay Wilke
Schlehenweg 13
D-21244 Buchholz i.d.N.
[email protected]

Yucata.de is a spare time project of the webmaster and his team. Most of the games you can play here are available as board games. We obtained the permission to host the game online for all of these games.

Yucata.de is protecting your personal data. Your password is being saved encrypted. Your e-mail address is only shown to other users if you configure it that way in your profile. Supplying personal data like name, year of birth or location on a Google Map is optional. If you provide this data, it can be viewed by all other users. You can change this data at any time in your profile. If you change the data, old data will be overwritten. We don't keep old versions of your personal data.

We don't give information to third parties, especially no e-mail addresses or information on how you use this service, e.g. when and how much you are online (with the exception of the last login which is being saved). But it is visible how many games you played.

To provide a personal picture, avatar, for each user we are working together with Gravatar. Gravatar is generating an avatar from a text string. To ensure that you get the same avatar on all pages, this text string is generated from your e-mail address. Your e-mail address is not made available to Gravatar but only a hash of it.

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