Registering to Yucata

You need to register to enable us to save the game status in the database. That is necessary to ensure that you can continue playing your games after taking a break. If you don't want to enter anything right now and just want to checkout the site then you can use the "Try as Guest" button in the menu bar.

Privacy note: Entering of most of the data is optional. The entered data is visible to all other registered players!. The gender information is needed to determine the correct form of address (Priestess vs. Priest)
Other users will know in which language to communicate with you if you supply country and language information.
With the exception of the login, you may change all data at any time.

Minimum information

Information about Avatars (opens in a new window/tab)
Note: If you enter an e-mail address which is known to Gravatar, then the five right-hand pictures will be identical. That is a 'feature' of Gravatar.

Personal information (optional)

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