Mountain Goats - General game info
Mountain Goats
2-5 players, 20 minutes, 6 years and older
AuthorStefan Risthaus
IllustratorsAnca Gavril
Daniel Profiri
Online since 2022-05-01
Developed byCraig Chaney (coastliner)
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Mountain Goats - Rules

Mountain Goats

Race to the top, shove the greedy down, eat all you can ... but always watch your back.

Game Components

Mountain Cards: 4x(5,6), 3x(7,8), 2x(9,10)
Bonus Point Tokens: 15p, 12p, 9p, 6p
Point Tokens: 12x5p, 11x6p, 10x7p, 9x8p, 8x9p, 7x10p
Mountain Goats: 6 for each player
Double sided Big Mountain Point Tokens (expansion)
Big Mountain cards (expansion)


  1. Lay the mountain cards out as shown to the left.
  2. Stack the Point Tokens at the top of their respective mountain.
  3. In a 3 player game, remove one Point Token from each mountain. In a 2 player game, remove two Point Tokens from each mountain.
  4. Lay out the Bonus Point Tokens.
  5. Each player places one of their goats at the foot of each mountain.

Each turn...

  • One player rolls the 4 dice. If the player rolled more than one "1" they can turn all but one of the "1"s to any face they want.
  • That player makes groups of dice. Each group can have any number of dice.
    Click the arrows to move the dice between groups.
  • For each dice group, the player moves their goat one space up on the mountain with the matching number. Dice groups that don't make a number 5-10 won't move any goats.
    In this example, the goats on mountain 6 and 8 will move up one space.
  • The dice are passed left to the next player, and they take a turn.

Top of the Mountain

  • Multiple goats can share the same space, except at the top of the mountain.
  • When a player moves a goat to the top of a mountain, they take a Point Token from that mountain (if available), and return any goat already there to the foot of the mountain.
  • If a player creates a grouping of dice that would move a goat up a mountain, but their goat is already at the top, they instead claim one Point Token from this mountain's supply (if available).

Bonus Points

  • When a player has collected at least one Point Token from each of the 6 mountains, they claim the highest-value Bonus Token still available.
  • If a player collects additional complete sets of Point Tokens, they claim additional Bonus Tokens.

Game End

  • When all Bonus Point Tokens have been claimed, OR when 3 mountains have no more Point Tokens remaining, continue playing until all players have had an equal number of turns. Then the game is over.
  • The player with the most points wins. In case of a tie, the tied player with the most goats on mountain tops wins. If there is still a tie, the tied player with a goat on the higher numbered mountain wins.

Big Mountain Expansion

Example in a 5 player game,
White = 15pt
Red = 24pt (12 + 9 + 3)
Yellow = 6pt
Scoring Table 2 player3 player4-5 player
Highest goat 121615
2nd Highest goat8 1212
3rd Highest goat4 8 9
4th Highest goat 4 6
5th Highest goat 3
  • When moving goats, players may use dice sets with values 11-24 to place a goat on the matching number on the Big Mountain, if that space is empty.
  • Players may still only have one goat on each mountain (except the Big Mountain).
  • At the end of the game, score the mountains like normal. Score the Big Mountain as illustrated in the Scoring Table.
  • Players can score multiple times on the Big Mountain if they have multiple goats in qualifying spots.
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