Skyline - General game info
2-4 players, 15 minutes, 10 years and older
AuthorDavid Short (dshortdesign)
IllustratorsGavan Brown
David Short (dshortdesign)
Published byTasty Ministrel Games
Online since 2013-11-15
Developed byMike Lietz (mikelietz)
Boardgamegeek121423 owns a license for the online version of this game. A big "thank you" to the copyright owners (publisher and/or author and illustrator) who make it possible to have this game for free online here!
Skyline - Rules


Game Contents

  • 60 Dice
    • 25 Ground Floor Dice
    • 28 Upper Floor Dice
    • 7 Penthouse Dice
  • 60 Building Tiles
    • 8 Height 1 Buildings
    • 20 Height 2 Building
    • 6 Height 3 Buildings
    • 18 Height 4 Buildings
    • 4 Height 5 Buildings
    • 4 Height 6 Buildings
  • 1 Status Board
  • 1 Status Marker

Dice Faces

Penthouse Dice
Upper Floor Dice
Ground Floor Dice

Game Goal

Build the best city skyline by grouping dice and constructing buildings in order to score the most points. Dice are rolled and placed in columns by type. Each column of dice represents a building. The taller the building, the more points it's worth. The more a player builds, the higher their score. The player with the best skyline wins!

Game Setup

Place the Status Board in the center of the play area. Place the Status Marker on the 1 space indicating that the first round is about to begin. Next, place all of the dice near the left side of the Status Board grouped into three piles by type: Ground Floor dice, Upper Floor dice, and Penthouse dice. Additionally, place all of the Building Tiles near these dice. This area is called the Construction Yard.

Next, take 3 dice from the Construction Yard, 1 of each type (Ground Floor, Upper Floor, and Penthouse), to place near the right side of the Status Board. This area is called the Abandoned District.

The player who has most recently visited a high-rise building is the start player. Turns are clockwise from this player.

Beginning with this start player and proceeding clockwise, distribute 3 Ground Floor dice. Give the start player a High-Rise Ground Floor, the 2nd Player a Mid-Rise Ground Floor, and the 3rd Player a low-Rise Ground Floor. The 4th Player does not receive any Ground Floor dice. These dice start the game as an already built part of a player's skyline. When playing with fewer than 3 players, put the excess dice back in the Construction Yard.

The game is ready to play.

Game Round

Every round, beginning with the start player and proceeding in clockwise order, each player takes 1 turn. The player whose turn it is, is known as the active player. After each player has been the active player once, the round is over. At the end of the round, move the Status Marker forward 1 space, and begin the next round with the start player again.

Game Turn

Each turn, the active player must complete all 4 of the following steps in order:
1. Take Dice - 2. Roll Dice - 3. Take Actions - 4. Roll Again?

  1. Take Dice

    The active player takes dice using one of the following two options. These will be the active dice this turn:

    • Any 3 dice chosen from the Construction Yard
    • All dice located at the Abandoned District

    NOTE: When the Abandoned District is emptied, immediatelyrestock it with 3 dice (1 of each type).

  2. Roll Dice

    The active player rolls their active dice.

  3. Take Actions

    The active player must choose 1 or more active dice to resolve, using one of the following 3 actions:

    • Abandon : Move chosen dice to the Abandoned District
    • Build : Build chosen dice by starting new building(s) or expanding existing building(s) (See Build)
    • Demolish : Move chosen dice and one building from the active player's skyline to the Construction Yard (the existing building chosen may be a Building Tile or an entire column of dice).
  4. Roll Again?

    The active player must choose one of the following two options:

    • Continue : Roll any number of remaining active dice and repeat steps 3 & 4.
    • Resign : End the turn and move all remaining active dice to the Construction Yard

    NOTE: If the active player has no more active dice to roll, they must resign during this step.


When resolving dice using the Build action, the following requirements must be met:

  • Once a die is added to a skyline, it is no longer considered a part of a player's active dice and may never be changed.
  • Ground Floor dice can always be added to a player's skyline.
  • Upper Floor dice and Penthouse dice must be added to a column of the same type (Mid-Rise with Mid-Rise, High-Rise with High-Rise). If a player does not have a column of the desired type, then the Upper Floor or Penthouse dice cannot be added to their skyline.
  • Dice may never be inserted between two previously built dice.
  • A Low-Rise building is considered complete as soon as an Upper Floor die is built onto it (see below for details).
  • A Mid-Rise or High-Rise building is considered complete as soon as a Penthouse die is built onto it (see below for details).
  • When a building is complete, replace the dice with a Building Tile of the same height. Move replaced dice to the Construction Yard.
  • There is no limit to the number of buildings a player may have in their skyline.

Low-Rise Buildings

  • Must be made of dice with only Low-Rise sides showing.
  • Maximum Height 2
  • Minimum Height 1
  • Does not need a Penthouse die to be complete

Mid-Rise Buildings

  • Must be made of dice with only Mid-Rise sides showing.
  • Maximum Height 4
  • Minimum Height 2
  • Must have a Penthouse die to be complete

High-Rise Buildings

  • Must be made of dice with only High-Rise sides showing.
  • Maximum Height 6
  • Minimum Height 3
  • Must have a Penthouse die to be complete

Game End

The game ends with one of the following two events:

  • The end of the 9th round
  • The end of the round in which a player has completed a building that is 6 dice high (which is only possible with a High-Rise building)

After this last round, each player counts their skyline's score. The player with the most points wins! If two or more players' scores are tied, the player among them with the most completed buildings wins.

Game Scoring

Each player scores their own skyline following these steps:

  1. Replace any remaining Low-Rise dice with Building Tiles
  2. Discard any remaining dice that are a part of incomplete buildings
  3. Add the points (numbers) at the bottom of each Building Tile
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