Atoll - General game info
2 players, 6 years and older
AuthorMark Steere
Published byMark Steere Games
Online since 2008-11-22
Developed by (MrLucky66)
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Atoll - Rules


Atoll is a two player game played on a hexagonal pattern grid. The game starts with eight "islands" of stones surrounding an empty grid as shown in Figure 1. Each player takes possession of an entire set of stones of one color, black or white. Each player owns the islands of his stones' color. Draws and ties cannot occur in Atoll. Mark Steere designed Atoll in January 2008.


Players take turns adding their stones to the board, one stone per turn. Black makes the first placement of the game. Each player will always have a placement available on his turn and must make one.


To win, you must connect two of your islands which are exactly opposite each other, with a contiguous sequence of your stones. The stones of your islands can be included in the sequence. In Figure 2, Black wins by connecting his North and South islands. In Figure 3, Black wins by connecting his West and East islands. Note that stones in Black's South island comprise part of the winning sequence.


As noted earlier, Black makes the first placement. White then has the option of switching colors with Black, and claiming Black's first move as his own. If White chooses to exercise the Pie rule, Black then becomes White and now makes the second move of the game. The Pie rule can only be used once and only on the second move of the game.

 Fig. 1 - Initial setup  Fig. 2 - Black wins  Fig. 3 - Black wins


You can drop a stone by clicking on a free place on the board. Then click "finish turn".

You can use the "Pie Rule" this way: Simply click on the stone placed by your opponent in his first turn. If you instead drop your own stone, that is the sign not to use the "Pie Rule".

The displayed colors (not the stones!) can be changed all the time. For this you have to click on the color marker besides a player's name. This change has no influence on the game and has nothing to do with the "Pie Rule".

The different sizes of playing areas use names (only on of real atolls. The lengths of the names are proportional to the size of the game playing area - a short name indicates a small playing area.

Gan (beginner)

Nauru (standard)

Tokelau (advanced players)

Kiritimati (for experts only)
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