Othello - General game info
2 players
AuthorsJohn W. Mollett
Lewis Waterman
Illustrator (MrLucky66)
Online since 2005-09-09
Developed byHarald Treis (keldron)
Othello - Rules

Reversi is a game for 2 players. The board has 8 x 8 fields.


Winner is the player with the most stones in their own color.


At the beginning of a game there are 4 stones, 2 from each player, in the middle of the board. The black player begins. In each round one stone has to be set in a free space next to the opponent. All of the opposing player's stones in a line between this newly placed stone and the player's next stone change their color to the current player's color, if there is such a stone belonging to the current player at the end of the line. This happens horizontally, vertically, and diagonally, and the line must not have any spaces in between.

If it is not possible to capture any of the opponent's stones in this way you have to pass.

The last moved stone has a small marker.


Player White turn Player Black turn Player White turn
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